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Whether you are training or racing, when an accident occurs or you have a medical emergency, a first responder needs more than just your name and contact number.

Tap2Tag active is the world’s most advanced sports identification and information wristband available today.


Life saving information … on tap.

Every time you set out to train or race, the last thing that you are thinking about is what would happen in an emergency or if you had an accident. The fact is, few athletes do.

But accidents do happen and if you are unable to tell a first responder who you are, who your emergency contact is, what medical conditions you have or medications you need to take, then a simple medical problem suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated.

Tap2Tag active uses state of the art NFC technology that allows anyone with an Internet-connected smart phone or tablet to access your vital information. Instantly. With just a tap of their device.

Unlike traditional identification wristbands, Tap2Tag active does not limit you to 5 or 6 lines of information. There is no engraving to wear out or fade. And you do not need to order a new one just because your emergency contact’s information changes or you need to change yours.

You decide how much information you want to share. And you decide how often you would like to change it. With no additional costs. No monthly fees. And no hassle.

Tap2Tag active. The most advanced sports identification and information device.

Don't wait. Order yours today.

Tap2Tag active makes a great gift for family and friends!

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