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Tap2Tag active is a revolutionary way to always have your identification, emergency contact and medical history instantly available to first responders or a passerby in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

Using state of the art NFC technology, a first responder is able to ‘tap’ any open NFC enabled phone, tablet or other device and immediately access the information you want to make available.

We have deployed the technology across our entire product line including fashionable bracelets, key fobs, wallet cards and on the Tap2Tag active+ pod.

First, unlike normal ID and medical alert bracelets, there is no limit to the amount of information that you can make available. Most of the bracelets or other IDs that are sold today limit you to just a few lines of information on an engraved or printed plate.

Second, because we do not rely on printing or engraving, Tap2Tag active never wears out causing you to have to purchase a new identification bracelet.

Third, whenever your information changes, you are in control. You just log into your account on our secure website, update your details and the changes have been made immediately.

No need to reorder. No fuss and no bother.

Too many athletes train and race with no form of ID whatsoever.

They believe that because they may be fit or healthy that the benefits Tap2Tag active provides are not applicable to them. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

Being healthy does not mean you are immune from an accident such as being struck by a car or motorcycle or that you may not become dehydrated on a long run or ride meaning you require assistance.

Every year countless athletes are admitted to hospital unconscious or unable to communicate their medical status to a medical professional. They left home that morning, fit, healthy and ready to train.

With Tap2Tag active you can be completely confident that if the unforeseen happens, your information is with you and instantly available.

Tap2Tag active uses NFC (Near Field Communications) technology which has been embedded in each and every device.

When someone taps your ID with their cellphone or tablet, their device immediately connects to our secure website and displays your information in seconds.

Tap2Tag active will immediately send an SMS text message or email to your designated emergency contact alerting them that your tap2tag active has been scanned and suggesting that they make contact with you.

All of your information is stored on our secure website and you have complete control at all times over the information you want to make available.

The list is endless. And what you choose to make available is always up to you.

Information that most users choose to add includes:

  • Name and address
  • A photograph
  • Emergency contact information
  • Medications and pre-existing conditions
  • Allergies
  • Health insurance numbers and insurance provider details
  • Doctors’ details
  • Information such as you may be carrying an epi-pen or other medication

No. For all Tap2Tag active devices, with the exception of the Tap2Tag active+, it is a one-time purchase fee.

Once you have purchased one of our devices, you have access to your online profile and can make changes to your information at any time.

If you would like to additional features of a Tap2Tag active+ which includes GPS tracking, fall detection alerts and GEO fencing, there is a small monthly fee which connects your device to a cell phone network to automatically track where you are, if you have fallen in an accident, and to provide you with a panic alert button.

Of course. The Tap2Tag active silicon wristband is waterproof and can be worn in the water and out.

You can connect up to 5 Tap2Tag active devices to your profile.

MedicAlert is a non-profit charitable organization and provides an excellent service. It has been around a long time but we felt that the technology that is available today would allow us to build a product that offers many more benefits which result in the wearer having more confidence that, in the event of an emergency, information that could save their life is instantly available.

Information held by MedicAlert is often out of date as it relies on people contacting them to update their medical information. It is also not the most secure system as anyone can call MedicAlert if they have your code.

With Tap2Tag active you will know who has accessed your information and when.

Tap2Tag active will also automatically notify your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts by text message and/or email if your tap2tag active device is activated. They will even be told who has logged in and accessed your profile.

You profile can also be quickly amended by you to account for any changes in your medical prescriptions or conditions. Once updated, these changes are automatically applied to any of your tap2tag active devices where you have assigned your medical profile.

If you also use MedicAlert you also have the ability to include your MedicAlert number on our system. In case of an emergency, anyone accessing your Tap2Tag active account will see your MedicAlert number and also display the telephone number for MedicAlert. It’s a win-win situation if you are already a MedicAlert subscriber.

They are a great product and have been used by athletes for years.

The challenge however is that when your personal or medical information changes you have to order a new one.

You are also limited to just a few lines of information that is engraved on a metal plate fixed to the band. While you have probably put your most important details on your wristband it is likely not enough in the event of a real emergency or accident.

With Tap2Tag active your information is not only always current, you never need to order a new one and all of the information you would like a first responder to be aware of is available instantly.

No phone calls. No backup paper ID. No risk of your backup cell phone being broken in a fall or running out of available battery.

Yes. First, all information is stored on our secure and professionally managed server and can only be accessed by you by logging into your account and profile.

Second, unlike RFID credit cards, someone walking by you cannot read the information on your device or bracelet. They actually have to physically tap their phone or tablet on your device to access your profile.

Finally, you decide what information is made available at all times.

Pretty much any cell phone or tablet manufactured in the last 10 years has NFC capabilities built in.

No app is ever required so anyone with an open NFC enabled phone is able to just tap your device and they are instantly connected to your profile.

There are literally hundreds of cell phones and tablets that have this feature.

In the event that a phone is not enabled with NFC, your Tap2Tag active also has a unique device number printed on it. A first responder can then go to our website and enter this number to also access your details.

Anywhere in the world that there is a cell phone signal.

We have enabled the capability for your Tap2Tag active to work with any NFC enabled device.

Unfortunately Apple have chosen to not open their NFC tags to non-Apple devices. This is an issue that is common to ANY manufacturer or software developer that uses NFC as their technology.

The industry, including ourselves, is actively and aggressively lobbying Apple to make this available and we are optimistic that they will respond favourably in the near future.

It is worth noting that in fact over 75% of the phones and tablets worldwide are in fact not Apple devices meaning that Tap2Tag active will work just fine.

If a first responder is carrying an Apple device, they are still able to access your information by connecting their device to our secure website and entering your unique code printed on your Tap2Tag active device.

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