How tap2tag works

Tap2Tag active is a revolutionary new way for you to carry your identification, medical and emergency contact information with you. Wherever you go. Around the corner or around the world.

Using state of the art NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, Tap2Tag active allows anyone to ‘tap’ their smart phone or tablet on your Tap2Tag active device and instantly access the information you want them to see. No app is required. A first responder does not require their own Tap2Tag.

Unlike the wrist bands many of us wear today, you are not limited to a few lines of information. The amount of information you can add to your profile is almost unlimited. Save your name, address, emergency contact details. Your medical history and medications. You can even add details of your health care professionals or insurance details. It is completely up to you.

Once a smartphone or tablet is tapped on your device, your identification, emergency contact, allergy and pre-existing medical condition data is displayed and an automatic SMS text or email message is sent to your designated contact.

You control what information is available and you can update it at any time by accessing your Tap2Tag active profile online via our secure website. No need to reorder. No monthly subscription charges. No concerns that the device will break in an accident.

Just life-saving information, on tap.

When there's no time to waste

Just tap a smart phone or tablet for instant access to view emergency identification and medical information, then login to see the full profile. In the unlikely event that no one nearby has an NFC device, visit our website instead. Same quick access, same information, same security.

Choose what to share

You decide what information you want to share with emergency responders and care providers. Store emergency contact information, your allergies and pre-existing conditions, insurance data, your photograph and health professional contact numbers. Update it as often as you like with no need to reorder or pay for another device if any of this information changes.

Advanced security

NFC is fast and our service is extremely secure. Your information is safe and instantly accessible after your device is scanned. And you will always know who has accessed your profile.

Send emergency alerts

If an emergency does happen, Tap2Tag active is able to automatically send a text message or an email to your designated contacts. Your friends and family will have peace of mind knowing that if something does happen they will be immediately notified.

Don't wait. Order yours today.

Tap2Tag active makes a great gift for family and friends!

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