Why tap2tag active?

No one heads out the door to train, race, ski or hit the back country expecting that they will have an accident or a medical emergency. But accidents happen. And when they do, it is vital that a first responder or paramedic has the information that they need so that they can get treatment started. Fast.

That is why we came up with Tap2Tag active. To give you the confidence that if an emergency does happen, your information is available when minutes matter.

With Tap2Tag active, your vital information is always at hand. You are no longer constrained by 5 or 6 lines of engraved or printed name and address details that is a limitation you have with the wristband you may have been wearing until now.

You are no longer dependent on your phone which could break in an accident or a fall making it difficult for a first responder to identify you or obtain your emergency contact details.

And, there are no subscription fees for our wristbands. No need to phone a support number to find out who you are or if there are any allergies or medications that medical staff need to be aware of.

When your device is tapped, your emergency contact is notified automatically by an SMS text message or email letting them know that you may need their assistance as well.

There is no other sports specific identification solution out there that covers all the bases. At a price point as affordable as the limited use wristbands out there today.

Tap2Tag activelife-saving information, on tap.

Don't wait. Order yours today.

Tap2Tag active makes a great gift for family and friends!

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